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What is BFearless4U?

One morning while cleaning my place as usual, someone asked me to do something that was adventurous and very much out of my comfort zone.  As soon as they asked, my response was, ‘No. I’m scared!’  Their immediate response was, 'You're always scared!'  In the very moment, I stopped and said, ‘When did I allow fear to creep into my life?  It’s time for change!’ I immediately went into action!


I started by making a list of things I would like to do that I have been fearful of. Something dealing with height, learn how to swim…..well maybe get in the water first and then learn how to swim.  Lol.  That’s exactly what I did! March 2018 I was 10,000 feet above ground and June 2018 I went on a family vacation to a waterpark in Tennessee and actually got in the water!  (I’m still working on the swimming part. Lol).   You will hear about other adventures in the near future.  😊


My next thought was, ‘How can I help others face their fears to ensure they live the best life possible.  When we talk about facing fears, please know that facing a fear could be many things:

  • Applying for a position that will grant you a promotion
  • Fear – You don’t think you are qualified
  • Being strong enough to leave an unhealthy relationship
  • Fear – You’ve invested too much time and afraid to start over
  • Leaving Corporate America to start your own business
  • Fear – It takes you out of the comfort zone of ‘working for someone else’
  • Joining the gym to start your journey of healthy living
  • Fear – You are afraid others are starring at you


I designed shirts for both men and women for this BFearless4U brand and decided to create a website as well.  As I am slowly getting things together, I then realize this is more than a brand, it’s a movement!


I’m excited to share this journey called life with each of you and I hope to inspire people to live their best life without fear.  I will share personal experiences facing my fears and don’t be afraid to share your experiences as well.  Your story could be featured on our page!   😊