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I Believe

A few weeks ago I decided to visit New Life Church in Huntsville, AL and the message for that Sunday was 'I Believe'.  The Pastor played a clip from the movie Polar Express that encouraged one of the kids on the train to believe in the magic of Christmas.  After the scene was over, the Pastor preached a powerful message about believing in the word of God and believing in yourself.  The Pastor's message was so powerful, that I was still talking about it a week later to anyone who would listen.  As we end 2018 and prepare for 2019, I encourage you to always Believe.


Believe in the Word of God


Believe that you can overcome any situation


Believe in your ability to grow in every aspect of your life


Believe in your dream/passion


Believe in your inner strength


Believe in all good things coming


I wish you all a Happy New Year and remember to always Believe in You!