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Do You Love What Loves You Back?

Valentines Day is here and love is in the air! But…. ask yourself this question. ‘Do you love what loves you back?  


I know, I know.  Most people will read that first line and automatically assume I am referring to a spouse or significant other.  Yes, that conversation is very important (which we will discuss) but let’s start by discussing other aspects of life and if it loves you back.  


For example:   


1. If you have been loyal to a job for years with no promotion and receiving minimum increases year after year but you have the desire to progress, is this the place for you?  Does this job love you back?  


2. Do you have a friend that is grinding in their passion and you make sure you support every event but when you have events/things going on, they are never there?  Does their support love your support back? (Please don’t confuse the support with the friendship)  


3. You are on a particular diet because all of your friends are doing it but you are seeing completely opposite results than your friends. Does this diet love you back?    


4. You take extravagant trips and eat fancy meals to keep up with the ‘Jones’’ but it’s weighing heavy on your financial stability.  Does this lifestyle love you back?  


5. You are in a relationship with signs (that you may be ignoring) of selfishness, infidelity, lies, etc., but you are choosing to stay, even if it hurts. Does this relationship, love you back?  


After reading those examples, please note that I am not suggesting that change your life.  I encourage everyone to take a bold stance and do the things that work for you as an individual.  


Let’s now look at potential ways to change each scenario.  


1. Job - Something I always remember about jobs/positions - If someone dies today, their position will be reposted before they are buried.  This may sound a little harsh but it’s reality.  If you are seeking more in your 9 to 5 professional career, don’t be afraid to make a change.  Some people are uncomfortable with change but there are times you need to take chances to get where you want to be.    


2. Support – By nature, I think it’s safe to say, if you support someone you would hope to receive the same type of support when the time comes.  It is also safe to say that this doesn’t always happen. When it doesn’t happen, it does not mean you end the friendship. Start by having a conversation to seek understanding.  If there is no justifiable reason or explanation on why they are not there to support you or nothing changes after the conversation, it just simply means you may need to move differently.  You can still be friends with this person but also be a little selfish and focus your energy on you and not extending yourself to others so much.  


3. Diet – Simply put……. Find what works for you.  Finding what works for you can be a mixture of two diet plans or continuing to eat what you want but smaller portions.  Just don’t give up when you have weight and/or fitness goals!  


4. Finances – One of the most stressful things in life is when your finances are not in order and you feel like you are drowning.  I am by no means a financial expert but changing small things here and there could help.  If you eat out 4 times a week, maybe try to cut back to only eating out 1 or 2 times a week.  Or cook enough that will provide leftovers for lunch the next day.  When you go grocery shopping, stick to a list or only walk into the store with a certain amount of money in your pocket so you don’t overspend.  Or if you participate in grocery pickup like myself, set a budget and try not to exceed it.  Small changes can bring big results!  


5. Relationships – Being in a relationship is all about knowing and understanding your self-worth.  You also need to know what you will and will not accept from someone.  Communication is one of the most important aspects in a relationship.  Talk to your spouse/significant other about how you are feeling and hopefully all things will work out.  If things do not change, you then are faced with a decision to potentially walk away.  If you decide to walk away, yes it will hurt.  But guess what?  You will get through it!


Now that I have given my little two-cents for the day, I hope you all are having a spectacular Valentines Day!  Remember this…... BFearless4U Loves You!!